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When it comes to financial and personal security, bonds are often critical investments. They serve as verification of ownership and responsibility in personal and commercial endeavors.

For many people, bonding often feels like a tricky subject to tackle. The agents at A-Z Express Insurance Agency are here to help you enroll in the bond options that best fit your needs. With a focus on lost title bonds, we help Texas drivers get the proof of ownership they need to legally own a vehicle.

Understanding Lost Title Bonds

Vehicle ownership demands a lot of different forms of identification. Most specifically, you need a title. The title is legal proof that you own the car. It is often the litmus test to help you get other proof of ownership, such as insurance and registration.

The title comes with the car in most cases. So, when you buy a vehicle, it is up to you to get the title from the previous owner.

Nevertheless, sometimes, that isn’t possible. The previous owner might have lost the title. Or, the title might have mistakes that make it invalid. Therefore, you’ll need to replace the title to prove your own ownership of the vehicle. As a result, a surety bond might need to come into play.

By enrolling in a lost title bond, you will get the financial backing to apply for a replacement title. In the end, you’ll have appropriate support to prove that you own the vehicle in question.

How The Bond Works

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) will require you to prove that you have appropriate financial backing to own and maintain the vehicle. This is where a lost title bond comes into play. It serves as proof of the vehicle’s value. It also demonstrates that you will take responsibility for the car, and that you have the resources to do so.

This proof will help you replace the original lost vehicle title. Once you have the bond, you can take it to the DMV. The DMV will then use the bond as security to issue a new, bonded title to you.

How Much Bonding Do You Need?

The bond will verify the year, make and model of your vehicle. It will reflect the car’s overall value. If your car is worth $15,000, for example, you'll probably need to carry a bond worth at least $15,000.

You’ll pay a premium on the bond to keep it active after you receive the bonded title. The bond will usually last a set number of years, after which you might have to renew it. The cost of your bond will likely vary based on the investment itself.

We at A-Z Express Insurance Agency understand that getting a title bond might seem confusing. But, we’re here to help you work through the process. Our promise is that you will receive a bond that proves full legal ownership of any vehicle in your possession.

Let us help you get covered. Get started with a free quote!

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